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Amnion Pregnancy Center provides confidential cost-free medical services and solutions for anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy.

A portion of profits go to Amnion

Each year we donate a portion of our profits to Amnion as well as products that are used in care kits for their clients.

Join us and donate on their website.

Simply Bliss supports Amnion Pregnancy Center

When we started Simply Bliss in May 2021, we knew we wanted to use our business to support a group doing good work. "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God." Heb 13:16

We are not telling you to bring attention to what we do but to make you aware of a group of caring and supportive professionals doing good work that can take what we can give and turn it into so much more. Join us and donate on their website.

We were inspired to choose Amnion by Josh's mom whom donates to her local women and children's crisis shelter in Missouri, and we wanted to seek out a group with a similar mission here in Minnesota. We have a personal relationship with one of the people at Amnion, and their passion and wholehearted devotion to empowering women and families in a safe and non-judgmental environment led us to choose them.

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