Bring the spa home with Simply Bliss

Newborn nights. Running after your toddler. School runs. Soccer practice. You do it all, mama. But when was the last time you had a moment for yourself?

Whether it’s a couple of minutes a day to grab a quick shower, or the occasional bath once the kids are in bed - we’re here to upgrade your me-time. Our handmade, eco-friendly products with choice natural ingredients will leave you feeling pampered, refreshed and taken care of. 

The Simply Bliss Story…

It all started with coffee. 

A failed attempt at making coffee soap, that is.  

When we first started dating, we enjoyed making presents for each other. That’s where the coffee soap came in - while that didn’t go so well, it piqued our interest. We kept at it, tinkering with ingredients and our Brown Sugar Latte Coffee Scrub came to life. We loved using it so much that we started making gifts for friends and family. Before we knew it, not only were we getting great feedback but requests for more started pouring in.

And Simply Bliss was born. 

At Simply Bliss, we do things a little differently. We purposely created a small but carefully considered range - we aim to create products that everyone will love! We keep things simple, only using ingredients that are absolutely necessary to smell and feel great. We prefer using food-based scents over traditional floral fragrances - customers have told us our products smell good enough to eat (don’t try this though!) 

On our journey to parenthood, the focus of our business shifted slightly. We want to celebrate mothers - busy moms who don’t have a lot of time to spoil themselves. We make our products keeping them in mind, helping elevate quick everyday showers to luxurious self-care. 

Our motto: accessible luxury, guilt free.

Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself, or treat another mom in your life, we’re here for you!

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written by Sonali Oberoi

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