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Gifts that Josh & I have given each other - Simply Bliss

Gifts that Josh & I have given each other

The Best Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for Minimalists

I find the hardest people to shop for are the people that buy what they want throughout the year instead of waiting for Christmas AND equally as hard to shop for… minimalists.
Josh's great-grandpa falls into the first category, and if I get a gift idea for him I can never bring it up or he will buy it for himself. My brother and his family are the latter. With two adults, four kids, and two dogs in a three-bedroom house, they don’t have room for more stuff. The best gifts for both categories of people are consumables.
We originally made soap dough as a gift for our nephews because:

  1. it’s fun!
  2. it’s consumable.

Handmade bath products are a great gift for the minimalist in your life for the same reasons. They don’t take up more space and are a luxury that is enjoyed daily (at least we hope they wash regularly).
Josh and I on the other hand are neither minimalist nor self-gifters, but we both prefer practical gifts. Things that are a higher quality version of an everyday thing or something we wouldn’t normally buy for ourselves, but really enjoy.

A Few of Our Favorite Gifts

Here are the top gifts/stocking stuffers Josh and I have received from each other in years past. Every item has a story behind it so next time you see us feel free to ask.

Whitney's Favorites

Josh's Favorites

We hope this gives you some unique gift ideas for the loved ones in your life.

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