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We are Thankful for you - November 2021 - Simply Bliss

We are Thankful for you - November 2021

Remember, the big stores don’t do a little ‘jig’ when they make a sale.
Buy local

  • Buy handmade
  • Buy from someone you know
  • Buy from self-employed people

At our first market, Whitney and I smiled big after every sale. When someone said “I had to come to get some more” we were giddy. For our first online order we called each other at work. After the first person we didn’t know liked our Facebook post we texted each other to make sure the other saw it.

Whitney and I celebrate every milestone, and boy have we got a lot more ahead of us.
When you buy local, not only do you support your local economy, you help support someone’s dream of doing it the hard way and making what they love.
This year, make someone do a little ‘jig’.

If you’d like to read more on how buying local supports our community check out Sustainable Connections.

Thank you to those who guided us

During the start of this busy holiday season, I want us to make sure we take the time to slow down and show gratitude. I am thankful for Josh - Simply Bliss would not exist without him by my side. I am thankful to Angela, the manager of the New Brighton Farmers Market and herself an owner of Mousework Glass, for all the guidance and tips she has given us to boost our success. I am thankful for our vendor community and the friends we have made as we support each other in our businesses. I am especially thankful for our newsletter subscribers. They signed up for our newsletter because they are truly interested in what Josh and I do or have to share with you. Although we’ve been making soap for years, we only started Simply Bliss in May 2021. And thanks to their support we made it through our very first farmers market season and are now going into the holiday craft fair season with confidence in our creations because of your confidence in us.

We Were Featured!

Midwest Handmade - We will be there in May 2022.
Twin Cities Family Fun - Check out this list for local holiday gift shopping.

Free Express Delivery for Small Business Saturday 2021

If you live in the Twin Cities metro and order from our website November 25-28, 2021, you’re eligible for free delivery! If you order any time November 25-28, 2021, you’ll receive your order on Monday, November 29, 2021. That’s Amazon speed.
We also have free standard shipping nationwide with an order of $40 or more.

We have something extra special for email subscribers ONLY - order with the email address we have on file and we will include a free surprise gift with your purchase!

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