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Shampoo, Bar or Liquid? - Simply Bliss

Shampoo, Bar or Liquid?

New product: Cocoa & Fresh Mint Shampoo Bar

Bar or liquid? Where do you land in this beauty industry battle?

You’re still using liquid shampoo, aren’t you? 
Unlike our soap bars, which have a recipe with origins over a hundred years ago, shampoo bars have only become popular recently. In the past you would use bar soap for your whole body, but shampoo bars are a step forward and are formulated specifically for hair to reduce buildup and leave your hair with naturally occurring oils to soften and strengthen the hair.

Shampoo bars initially became popular among those who travel since this shampoo is solid and does not count for your 3-1-1 TSA liquid carry-on bag, they make a good travel companion. 

They are also better for the planet. It takes very little to make an amazing lather, and because it lasts so long it uses less energy to ship. One of the biggest wastes in shipping is unnecessary weight, space, and inefficient packaging, such as empty space between curvy bottles. Liquid shampoos, just like body wash and laundry detergent, are heavy because of the extra water and thick plastic bottles. We’ve chosen to package our shampoo bars in eco-friendly and infinitely recyclable steel tins.

Okay, I agree on waste, but what about my hair?

The name shampoo bar is pretty obvious of what it is. Instead of squeezing shampoo into your hand you rub the bar directly into your hair. From then on out its a familiar experience. Rub your fingers through your hair and get a thick lather that cleanses your hair, then rinse. But are shampoo bars as effective without damaging my hair? Yes! But your hair may have to get used to the different kind of shampoo. Some people experience a transition period where the composition of the oils on your hair return to a more natural state. This may cause your hair to feel greasy for a time. The shampoo you are currently using is likely a detergent rather than true soap. This means it is stripping your hair of its natural oils. Then, you use conditioner to make it soft again. Because of the stripping your hair is likely overproducing oil to compensate. To help ease the transition you can use an apple cider vinegar rinse. 

Well, what about the ingredients. How can you make the shampoo solid? Oh, good question! Our shampoo bar is just like our other products where all the ingredients are chosen to be useful and as few as possible. Are all shampoo bars equal? No, even some shampoo bars are detergents as well. Read the ingredients before choosing a shampoo bar to ensure you’re getting real soap.

Ingredients: ​​canola oil, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, lye, castor oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, sodium lactate, Japanese peppermint essential oil

The only ingredient that’s not commonly available is sodium lactate. Sodium lactate commonly comes from fermented a natural source of sugars, like corn or beets, and is commonly used as a natural food preservative. In cosmetics it is used as a humectant, which assists your skin in absorbing moisture. That’s going to aid your hair in hanging into its natural oils.

Shampoo… Bar or Liquid

In the end is a bar better than liquid? It really depends on your hair and your preferences. Are you concerned with the amount of plastic packaging in your life? Are you interested in products with more raw ingredients? Do you have natural colored hair?
If you answered “yes” to these then a shampoo bar is for you. (Using a shampoo bar may remove chemical colorant over time.)

We’ve been using our shampoo bar for the better part of a year now and aren’t going back. We hope you find the best fit in your hair care routine, and we’d be happy to help you give it a try!

New product: Cocoa & Fresh Mint Shampoo Bar

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