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Lets Talk Packaging - Simply Bliss

Lets Talk Packaging

It is good to consider the ingredients of what you buy, but do you consider its packaging too? Earth Day is this month so we want to share with you what we are doing to be a sustainable business.

Packaging Matters
You may be diligent about purchasing locally made to support your community and be conscientious about the ingredients in the products you use, but do you consider packaging waste?

"In 2017, packaging production constituted the highest-demanded use for plastic, with 146 million metric tons used.source
While we haven't removed all plastic in our products, we are actively working on it.

Since last year we have:

  • Switched our body scrub from plastic jars to aluminum tins.
  • Our NEW shampoo bars are in steel rust-resistant tins.
  • Our NEW beard oil is in glass bottles with a glass dropper.
  • Switch our soap labels from paper strips to smaller #1 PET labels.
  • You can put the soap bar labels in with your #1 recycling. Some cities do not accept plastic film/sheets, but will if you put it into a #1 PET container
  • The paper strips were too small for automated recycling sorters.
  • We package our soap bars 'naked' and do not wrap them in shrink-wrap or boxes.

Some of our items, like soap dough and shaving whip, are in widely recyclable packaging, but we are actively looking for other options. Let us know if you have ideas!

We recycle 100% of the containers and packaging for our ingredients and materials. We also buy in larger quantities which reduces the amount of packaging for the volume we purchase.

Something That Cheered Us Up
Thank you to Trent Clayson for this amazingly funny review! It really made us smile which is appreciated because we had a tough week.
I want to remind you that if you leave a review, we'll send you a one-time 15% off coupon that you can use online or in person.
Reviews are how people we've not met before trust us. There are a lot of choices out there and we hope that others will pick us too, and you can help. Leave a review.

"We stumbled upon Simply Bliss at craft show, and I was instantly intrigued by the scents! We purchased a number of things, each smelled soooo good that I wanted to eat it! (I don’t recommend this, don’t be brave like me). My absolute favorite soap is The Wild Outdoors. I really love the scent! Every store bought soap that I’ve tried over the years has left my skin dry and itchy, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the soap from Simply Bliss did not do this. Their s...oap leaves my skin in an almost euphoric state! Soft, no itches, no ashy skin and my pores feel like they opened up to enjoy their first ever breath of fresh air! I never in a million years thought I’d be writing a review because I’m so madly in love with soap, but here I am 🤣. I can’t say enough nice things about these products! Highly recommend! (But don’t taste test them no matter how delicious they smell 😉)" - Trent Clayson 2022-04-19

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