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We’re Making a Few Changes

We're updating our business model

We’ve decided to update our business model around soap scents. Instead of making a bunch of seasonal scents at once, we will rotate them throughout a season to give you more variety. Of course, our most popular scents, The Wild Outdoors and Carrot Rosemary face soap, will always be available but we will trim down and offer 2 seasonal scents at a time. This will allow us to focus our efforts since we currently also work full-time. Our batch sizes will also be halved so once we sell out of one seasonal soap we will replace it with another.

In September, we will start out with Warm Embrace (a musky manly scent) and Pumpkin Pie (with added spices). When we run out of one of those scents we will have Spiced Apple Cider ready for you.

When we announce each new scent we release you can pre-order to make sure you get some before they’re gone!

Rewarding supporters like you

Second, we are starting a rewards program for our loyal customers (that’s you!). Bubble Rewards will reward you for #treatingyoself. For every $10 you spend with us in-person or online you will get a stamp on your Bubble Rewards card. When you get 8 stamps you will be able to redeem your card for a free product. This is rolling out just in time for the Christmas shopping season so stock up on gifts starting in September to get your Bubbles!


You may have also noticed us posting on Facebook and Instagram more recently about the business and behind-the-scenes, and we truly hope you’re enjoying it. We have been talking to a mentor, and she suggested we try and open up to you more about how things work from our side of the business. If you have any questions you’d like us to answer or any particular behind-the-scenes you want to see let us know so we can share content that you would like to see.

Congrats to Maria, our SUMMER gift box winner!

Congratulations to Maria, our summer gift box winner. We randomly choose a new winner every season to get our top soaps and she won.

When we met up with Maria she was getting ready to head back to college and was planning on getting a pack of soap from us before she left, so this was good timing. 😍

Thank you to Maria for supporting us, we hope you have a good fall semester!

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